Digital Photography Training

Avon Studios offer a bespoke one to one training service enabling you to get the most from your digital SLR or bridge camera.
Andrew has taught photography at Stratford College and for Sony as part of his role as an advocate photographer.
Modern digital SLR cameras are capable of taking stunning images, but often they just don’t. Many users even just use them on fully automatic mode, lacking the confidence to try the manual or semi-automatic modes.

Photography training Sonyphoto training Sony

Understand why most professional photographers use Av, A, S or Tv modes. Take control of your camera!
If your camera has these modes, but you never use them, then our training is for you.

We’ll also look at which lenses might be right for you

Training can be tailored so you learn what you need to know and is charged at an hourly rate.

This is also suitable for users of top-end compact and bridge cameras as well as digital SLR’s cameras from Nikon, Canon, Sony and Olympus

For further information call Laura the studio or complete an enquiry form.

Now available One to one tuition on your digital camera Gift Vouchers only £34.50 including 50 prints from your camera on our in house professional photolab.

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