Avon Studios says green camera use has doubled over the past year

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eightSales of single use cameras have doubled in the past 12 months – partly because users are becoming more aware of the fact that so called ‘disposable’ cameras are actually recycled, making them kinder to the environment.

Added to this, the single use models are becoming cheaper and many people are afraid of losing expensive digital cameras.

The studio is processing twice as many films from single use cameras this year than it did last year – and the figure is rising every month.

Manager Andrew Sheppard explained: “We process more films from single use cameras than we do for any other type of camera. They used to be quite costly but now the ability to recycle them has reduced the cost by about 30 %. Of course this also means it’s a relatively green option”.

“This time last year we were processing about 25 films a week from single use cameras. Now that figure is closer to 50.”