Award winning photographer launches series of free masterclasses

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Andrew Sheppard, from Wellesbourne’s Avon Studios, is hosting the classes every evening at his studio from Monday April 18th until Friday April 22nd between 7 and 9pm.

Andrew, who has won awards for his wedding photography and is in line for a national business award for the lab side of his business, decided to launch the masterclasses when he learned how many people lose their precious photographs by storing them on their PCs instead of printing them out.

“A recent survey carried out by Fujifilm shows 63 per cent of digital camera owners only save images on a computer or print them with an ink jet printer, “ explained Andrew.

“Soaring sales of digital cameras – one of the top three Christmas presents given this year – mean around five million people across the country risk losing photographs forever.

“Alarmingly 81 per cent of those who regularly saved images on a PC did not have any form of back up,” added Andrew. “And the 24 per cent who print images on an inkjet printer will see the image deteriorating because of a mismatch between the ink and the paper.

“You have to go back to the key reason why people take photographs – as a way of keeping the memory of a special moment alive.” The masterclasses will look at composition, subject matter and style as well as ways of outputting pictures for print.

“Digital cameras are a wonderful creation but the best way to preserve the photos is to email them to a photographic studio with a digital lab, like ours, bring them in on CD or simpler still, bring in the camera memory card and we can print them on true photographic paper which is guaranteed to last 75 years.”

Delegates on the masterclass will be able to bring their own digital cameras and digital media to output, free of charge, from Avon Studios state of the art £85,000 Fuji Frontier digital lab.

To book a place on one of the classes call Avon Studios on 01789 470663 or visit