New In car DV Recorder now in Avon Studios on-line shop

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With accident claims on the increase this new compact HD in car video recorder allows you to record the full width of the road in front or behind your car in HD video onto an SD card.

Product details

HD in car Journey Recorder Single Camera SDHC

  • Protect against fraudulent car insurance claims
  • Record your journey 24:7
  • Requires SDHC memory card to digitally record
  • Wide-angle to capture most of the road and field-of-view
  • Automatically overwrites oldest data first
  • Universal windscreen mount
  • Includes 12V accessory socket charger, windscreen mount, USB data cable, user manual

What Does It Do?

You can now record your journey wherever you go, this recorder simply plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and records! It loops the video, recording over the oldest video first – with a massive memory card you will get hours of footage!

How Can It Help?

For business or fleets, this product offers complete protection against the threats of fraudulent insurance claims on the road. It also significantly modifies driver behaviour which in turn reduces fuel costs and the potential risk of accidents – saving you money all the time!

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