Stratford GP’s daughter’s face to appear in thousands of High Street stores worldwide

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fifteenAnya Sanders, whose mum Dr Elaine Ross is a GP at Stratford’s Bridgehouse practice was photographed as part of family photo shoot, along with her dad Scott, a pathologist at Warwick Hospital and six-year-old sister Isabella by Andrew Sheppard from Wellesbourne’s Avon Studios.

The photo was selected from thousands of images submitted by photographers nationwide to grace the packaging of the new premium Multijet paper produced by Fujifilm.

The packaging, which went on sale this Autumn , is likely to sell in the region of 50,000 packs a year to semi-professional photographers.

Elaine was delighted when Anya’s picture was chosen. “It’s terrific news. We’re really really pleased and proud. I don’t know if it’s really struck Anya yet – at four it may be a bit difficult for her to take in! “

Will Rolls, Fujifilm’s digital imaging marketing manager explained: “We chose Andrew’s image because of the contemporary modern feel of his work, which reflects the type of audience we want to be attracted to our brand – photographically discerning consumers. We have been consistently impressed by work produced by photographers at Avon Studios and felt this particular image encapsulated everything we wanted to say about our new product.”

Andrew added: “We were thrilled when Fujifilm chose us and delighted they felt our work reflected their own ethos. I must say it’s a little disconcerting to be confronted with my own work so often and in such large quantities in unexpected places when I go out shopping though!”

The premium Multijet paper is available from most high street photographic and stationery suppliers.