Stratford parking meters are boosting village business, says Wellesbourne Photographic retailer

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Wellesbourne retailer Adam Brides from Avon Studios is delighted at the effect the parking crackdown has had on business – and that of neighbouring traders!

The meters, installed last month, mean shoppers spending more than twenty minutes in town are stung with parking charges of a pound an hour and are unable to stay in town longer. Adam says out of town shoppers are voting with their feet – or rather their wheels – and taking their business to areas where parking is still free, not time limited – and plentiful!

“Stratford’s loss is Wellesbourne’s gain,” said Adam, Avon’s photographic processing manager “We’ve always had a thriving selection of shops and services here – the kind of everyday things people need like banks, florists, newsagents, supermarkets and of course, most important of all a One Hour photo processing centre!

“While the past few years have seen a move away from local services to town centre shopping and out of town retail parks this latest move is actually helping to reverse that trend and bring trade back into the outlying areas.

“People living in places like Alveston and Tiddington for example, who traditionally would have looked to Stratford as their natural local shopping centre, are now seeing the attractions Wellesbourne has to offer.

“Of course this is good for us. As well as running a portrait and wedding photography business we handle film and digital processing and sell cameras and film products – things people may otherwise have bought in Boots, Jessops or larger stores. Now we’re mopping up the trade the larger town centre stores are losing, which of course is excellent news for Avon Studios. “Only last week we had a lady in with several CDs of photos she had been planning to take into Stratford to have processed. After her initial delight at finding a parking place she spotted the meter. She was so angry she immediately drove off and asked us to process the CDs instead.”