The truth about free portrait photo-shoots

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With wedding & portrait photography being the 3rd most desired occupation in the UK many inexperienced people are now calling themselves “photographers”.

To try and grow their business many offer so called free portrait sittings and some even give away a print as well.

Sounds to good to be true? Of course it is to good to be true.

Once you have been lured in by the free sitting, you come to view the pictures and find out that their free print is only 5″x4″ (smaller than a print you would get from your own camera in Boot’s).

They then give you the hard sell to buy more prints at one Stratford Studio they charge £125 for a 10×8 print.

At Avon Studios photography near Stratford on Avon we have a fair and transparent pricing policy.

We don’t do free sittings but charge a fair price to cover the time involved for the shoot, with a qualified professional experienced photographer, and the time for viewing the photograph’s after the portrait session. Currently £32.50.

Our viewing staff do not work on commission and do not give you the hard sell. Because they know that amazing images and photographs sell themselves.

We even give you a price guide to the finished photographs we offer before you come to the viewing.

So beware of the so called “free portrait photo-shoots” and remember what my Grandfather said, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

Avon Studios Photography is Warwickshire’s largest & longest established professional photography studio since 1988.