Warwickshire photographer urges fellow traders to take action on climate change

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His call follows a rally in London at the weekend by campaigners urging world leaders to tackle climate change before it is too late. Andrew Sheppard, who runs Avon Studios in Kineton Road, agrees that although much of the responsibility for change lies with governments across the world, small steps by every single consumer will have a significant impact on climate change.

Without action, the review’s author, economist sir Nicholas Stern, warns of dire consequences which could see 200 million people across the world become refugees as their homes are hit by drought or flood. Andrew explained: “It may not seem a major step but we are going to shut down our processing machine for two hours a day – we’ll start it an hour later and shut it down an hour earlier – this means we are using 12 hours less electricity every week – 600 hours a year. It’s a 12 kW machine which means we’ll be reducing harmful CO2 emissions by around half a tonne and saving £95 a year. If every trader and every resident took a similar step it would all add up and make a big difference to the world.”

Andrew’s decision has delighted Wellesbourne based government funded energy efficiency charity the Warwickshire Energy Efficiency Advice Centre. EEAC marketing manager Cindy Musgrave said: “If the 100,000 households in South Warwickshire followed Andrew’s lead we could reduce CO2 emissions by more than ten per cent. “Switching the TV off standby, shutting down computers overnight, switching off teenagers’ audiovisual gadgets, switching off just one 60 w light bulb for four hours a day and boiling enough water for just one cup of tea five times a day would save £10 million a year in Warwick and Stratford district alone, or £130 per household, and reduce CO2 emissions by around 66,000 tonnes a year. “Measured against the terrifying apocalyptic global picture painted in the Stern Review this may seem a drop in the ocean. But the ocean is made of many drops and our individual actions will genuinely have a huge impact.”

• Cindy Musgrave from Wellesbourne based charity the Warwickshire Energy Efficiency Advice Centre applauds the decision of Andrew Sheppard from Avon Studios to shut down his processing machine for two hours a day to help reduce the effect of climate change in the light of the Stern Review.

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