Diana F+ El Toro


Product Description

Hola, Señoras y Señores! After successful trips to Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan, the medium-format darling Diana has invaded the land of flamencos and chorizos – Spain! To celebrate this visit, we present to you the Diana+ El Toro Special Edition!

This special edition was made in honor of the Diana+ World Tour in Spain• Film advance wheel has a special detail – “acojonante” – a Spanish expression meaning “this is fantastic!”• Produces lo-fi, soft-focused, vignetted medium format images that the Diana is known for.

Uses 120 and 35mm film (when used with Diana+ 35mm Back)

Package Includes:

  • Diana F+ El Toro camera
  • Diana F+ Flash
  • 12-pack colour flash gels
  • Diana-to-hot shoe flash adaptor
  • Hot shoe-to-Diana flash adaptor
  • “Vignettes” hardcover book
  • One 16-square and one 12-square panoramic frame masks
  • Lens cap & Neck strap
  • Camera Type Zone Focus