Fuji 4GB SDHC Card 100 x Speed Class 4


Product Description

The Fuji SDHC Class 4, 100 x speed card is ideal for storing large amounts of images, video files and music. It is primarily used in digital SLR cameras, digital compact cameras and camcorders.

SDHC cards fall into three class categories: Class 2, Class 4 and Class 6. The class of the card determines what the minimum sustained write speed to the card in megabytes will be. Cards within Class 6 have a write-speed of 6MB/sec, cards within Class 4 have a write speed of 4MB/sec and cards within Class 2 have a write speed of 2MB/sec. It is important to know the minimum sustained write speed of a card, particularly if you will be using the card for recording video – SDHC cards quote the minimum write speed of the card, whilst most other cards will quote the maximum write speed, which is not as useful to the end user