Holga CFN 120 Red


Product Description

The same well-known misty, soft-focused vignette images medium-format camera now takes form in posh Red body. Its built-in Colourflash allows you to take multicoloured, psychedelic shots. Takes 120 / medium format film. This red beauty will be hopelessly devoted to you and your subjects !

Additional Information Features

  • Plastic 60mm f/8 lens that produces the iconic Holga shots – vignetting may occur.
  • Built-in Colorsplash flash with 3 colorgels and clear flash function
  • Uses 120 / medium format film for those yummy square-orientation shots
  • Zone focus feature – portrait, small group, big group and infinity
  • 6×6 plastic mask for sharper images
  • Package includes “World Through A Plastic Lens” softcover book, opaque tape, neck strap, and instruction manual
  • Camera Type Point & Shoot/ Microsite
  • Film Type 120