Horizon Kompakt (Panaramic)


Product Description

The Kompakt’s fixed focus and aperture (f/8) means all you have to do is point, and shoot! Be swept away by its Day and Night shutter settings that will make you want to shoot rolls and rolls of film anytime of the day! Finally, an uncoupled shutter release and advance means that you can effortlessly shoot double and multiple exposures on the same ultra-wide frame! 28mm multicoated swing-lens extending to a full 120 degrees of vision!

Additional Information Features

  • Aperture fixed at f/8• Fixed focus – all you have to do is point and shoot!• Exposures taken are 58mm long (approx. two 35mm frames)
  • Uncoupled shutter release and advance – enables you to shoot multiple exposures on the same panoramic frame Package
  • includes Horizon Kompakt unit & Horizon panoramic book.
  • 2 year warranty and free shipping included
  • Camera Type Point & Shoot

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