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Introduction to the Canon 5D Mark II Volume 1



Product Description

Topics include

  • Creative Auto
  • Shutter priority
  • Aperture priority / Depth of field
  • Depth of field preview
  • Focus alternatives
  • Metering modes & options
  • White balance / Colour temperature
  • Playback and image review
  • Live View shooting
  • HD and SD video
  • Exposure compensation
  • Flash basics
  • Custom functions introduction
  • Programmable buttons and Info button
  • Composition
  • Self timer
  • Picture Styles
  • And much more !

The Canon 5D is a powerful piece of equipment. A solid understanding of its features and controls can really unleash its potential. Once you learn how the camera’s components work together, you’ll have all the tools you need to capture the best images under all conditions.