Sensorscope DSLR Sensor Cleaning Kit


Product Description


Enables you to see and inspect your camera’s sensor magnified, with focused ultra bright light. This patent-pending Delkin exclusive fits all digital SLR cameras with no adapter. The safest thing you can do is NOT clean your sensor if it doesn’t need it. Find out with SensorScope. One (1) SensorScope and two (2) CR2025 batteries included.


An ultra small custom mini vacuum designed with a unique static free brush tip to dislodge debris and suction it away. Other brushes shed and scratch. The custom brush and high power, moisture free suction of the SensorVac are the best way to remove abrasive debris. One (1) SensorVac and four (4) AA batteries included.

SensorSafe Wands

This unique wet/dry double sided wand eliminates all small dust particles and chemically bonded debris. You must remove all contaminants, or your sensor is not clean. The SensorSafe Wand does the job. Twenty-four (24) wands included (Small – 12, Medium – 6, Large – 6).


SensorSolution is specially formulated to leave no residue yet break the chemical bond that causes dirt, dust, oils and debris to adhere to the sensor. SensorSolution when used as directed easily wipes away. This quick drying formula is alcohol free and safe for all air travel. SensorSolution is “100% Safe” for all CCD and CMOS sensors, including the new ITO(Indium Tin Oxide) coated sensors. One (1) .5 oz bottle included.

Check out the video below to see why this is the only sensor cleaning kit you will ever need